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Free Motion Quilting for the Everyday Quilter ! 

*              with CRAFTSY.COM online web teaching site just came out last week 6/27/13.
  Click on the link below to get a glimpse at it and get 50% off the class for a limited time.
It was very educational and fun to work with all of the talented production team at I hope you enjoy it and look forward to doing more online teaching topics.


*New Book-Available Aug.7, 2012

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I recently had an opportunity to do an "online-teaching class" with the online crafts teaching company- "".  I am excited about this new opportunity and the class is available now. *See some pics below of the online shoot. 
*Of course, don't forget that I also finished my 2nd book this past Fall and it is out on the shelves for you with much excitement and relief!   :)



Here are some pics from my latest trip out West to to shoot an online teaching class which should be done by end of June 2013. :)

Here are some pics of some of the quilts I made and used in my online class recently. Borders and designs on the borders was the main theme of how to online class.  :)

Here are some pictures from my demo at my publisher-Martingale's booth October 2012 and of the convention with some fellow quilters & shop owners. So glad to see all of you and the opportunity to show my new book. :)

*Fall Quilt Market Show in Houston October 27-29th!-The classes, demos, and show was great !

*Please Check Out the Interview I had on "STITCH-THIS!" ....(click link below)

*Look For New Book in  "A Bunch of Quiltsoup" magazine coming issue !

*Look For New Book in  "American Patchwork & Quilting" - December 2012 coming issue !

Some Reviews on my prior book :

The Quilter Magazine, July 2009

"Many quilters are inhibited by free-motion quilting and are unsure of ways to improve their techniques. In this practical guide, Eva A. Larkin, identifies specific skills that will help those interested in free-motion quilting gain confidence. In particular, she isolates three areas to focus on: thread tension, controlling stitch length, and quilting in smaller sections. The first part of the book concentrates on these skills and offers specific exercises, breaking them down for beginners to understand or of skilled quilters to practice. The bulk of the book is dedicated to practical application. Eva outlines eight basic shapes, including diamonds, loops, ovals, triangles and others, then demonstrates how to combine them into a wide array of quilting designs. A large gallery section depicts numerous combination ideas, 186 total, all created from the eight basic shapes. Beginners and experienced quilters alike will find guidance and inspiration in this comprehensive guide to free-motion quilting." 

Popular Patchwork Magazine, UK Edition, May 2009, Lucy Winter
"Eva Larkin's approach to free motion quilting is very much based on the fact that if you focus on quilting the area under our needle rather than the whole quilt "you'll feel more relaxed and in control". By concentrating on small areas (she recommends starting with 4 1/2" squares), and learning to quilt just eight simple shapes, she demonstrates all the various combinations of these shapes to produce 186 designs. She includes a useful section on getting your tension and stitch length right followed by some warm up exercises to get you limbered up. The book includes black and white illustrations with directional arrows so that you can clearly see how the quilting design can be achieved fluidly. I liked her use of red and green dots to suggest when to pause and where to start. I particularly liked her inclusion of a trouble shooting section - a great help for quilters who don't have an expert readily at hand! I would recommend this book for anyone who is struggling to feel in control of their quilting as it is sure to build your confidence.

Australian Homespun Magazine Blog, April 2009, By Megan Fisher
Many quiltmakers would love to be able to machine quilt their quilts – machine quilting at home on a domestic sewing machine is faster than hand quilting and cheaper than sending quilt tops to longarm machinists. It also allows quiltmakers to complete every step involved in making their quilt.
Eva Larkin set out to teach herself the secrets not only of machine quilting, but also of creating quilting designs that didn’t need to be marked on the quilt top and weren’t just overall meandering or stitching in the ditch. Within a year, she was teaching others what she’d learned, and this book captures much of what she has passed on in those workshop classes. The book is presented in the style of a workshop with exercises for readers to practice what they’ve learned. At the heart of the book are eight basic designs, each of which has at least five variations. Each design is relatively simple to stitch without hours of practice or any time spent marking the quilt top. Larkin has also included a chapter on how to decide how to quilt your quilt, which many readers, I’m sure, will find enormously helpful. She provides a systematic approach along with a gallery of designs to inspire. This is a very practical book – it’s intended to be used as a workbook, not as a theory text that you will read and store on your bookshelf. If you’re ready to ‘have a go’ at free-motion machine quilting or, if you’ve tried and not experienced much success, this book is likely to be a very useful companion.

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